Rangers fans left red-faced by Celtic fan as banter years reach peak

Celtic Lennon
Celtic Neil Lennon

So how desperate are Rangers fans to see Alfredo Morelos leave? We got our answer today in hilarious fashion.

It is funny how quickly things change in football. Not too long ago Rangers fans could not stop singing the praises of Alfredo Morelos. According to him he was the best player in all of Scotland and then some more. It is safe to say that those delusions have evaporated by now.

The Colombian has been in shocking form recently and it is hard to remember the last time he found the back of the net. And he does not look interested in doing so either. He has returned to training out of shape and looks set on leaving the club.

Rangers seem to have similar thoughts as well and have already brought in Itter and Roofe to try and fill in his void. Now they just have the small task of finding him a club to join.

According to reports, Lille do want him. And that clearly has the Rangers fans’ hopes up. So much so that when a Celtic fan under the guise of made-up French journalist Martin Crupeau, they had no problem believing him:

The comment section is full of them gloating about how much money they had managed to make out of the deal. So imagine their shock when they found out that it was a Celtic fan after all, trolling them:

Just like that, banter years reached its peak. And we are not exactly sure how anybody can top this.

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