Neil Lennon pretty much confirms Bolingoli’s Celtic future

Eddie Grumett

Celtic manager Neil Lennon has all but confirmed Boli Bolingoli’s future with the club after he visited Spain last week without telling the club.

Celtic left-back (who can’t even make the team) Boli Bolingoli decided to take-off to Spain last week when the squad was given four days off ahead of the match against Kilmarnock. Boli snuck off to Spain, a hot spot of COVID-19, and then returned in time to take the pitch against Killie late in the match.

His actions have caused the next two matches to be postponed and at one point many thought the UEFA Champions League Qualifying Round was in question. Ultimately, UEFA did not make Celtic forfeit, but that could change if a player or staff tests positive. With symptoms usually occurring 7-10 days after exposure to COVID-19, the recent negative tests on Bolingoli and the rest of the team may prove inaccurate.

Now, many Hoops fans are calling for the club to ensure Bolingoli sees his exit. That could be through loan, transfer or just ripping up the contract. Those sentiments are fair considering Boli has been a topic of heated discussion for months due to his performance. His selfish and idiotic actions have just added fuel to that fire as now the season’s viability as well as the 10IAR have been brought into question.

Lennon has all but confirmed that Boli will never take the pitch for the Hoops again in his recent press conference when asked if Boli will play for the club ever again:

“Put it this way I will find it very very difficult.”

Lennon is going to focus on getting his players ready for the UEFA Champions League Qualifying Round. However, this incident will leave a black eye on the club. Boli must be held responsible for his actions.

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