Chris Sutton warns Celtic board about Edouard’s future


Celtic legend Chris Sutton has sent a warning to the Hoops board if they so choose to sell striker Odsonne Edouard before 10IAR is accomplished.

When Celtic legend Chris Sutton speaks supporters tend to listen. Sutton is one of the biggest Hoops advocates in the media and he routinely speaks hard truths regarding not just the club but also rival Rangers. It is refreshing in today’s media landscape.

In a recent podcast Chris Sutton made a comment that many may have glossed over, but it highlights what he thinks of Edouard and his importance to the club. With so much on the line this season, a season in which could rival even the 1967 Lisbon Lions. For that to happen with any great certainty Edouard will need to play a large role.

If his performance on Sunday against Hamilton was any indication of where this season will be heading for the striker then he is likely moving on after this season. There is incredible potential that Celtic could be blown away with an offer for Edouard in the newt few weeks and they will be compelled to sell. However, the board knows Edouard’s importance and what type of revenue and prestige he could bring to the club if 10IAR is achieved.

Sutton makes mention of what would happen if Edouard was sold in some comments on a podcast with the Daily Record. Here is what he said (transcribed by Video Celts):

“How many times have Celtic had the opportunity to win 10 In A Row and make history? We all know that. Imagine the message it sends out to the support this season if Celtic sell their star man, their biggest player.

“Odsonne Edouard is aware of what’s at stake. This shouldn’t be a discussion. It doesn’t matter how much money Celtic are offered for Odsonne Edouard. There’s history on the line here.

“We’re not asking him to stay for another seven, eight years. We’re asking him to stay for 12 months. There isn’t a number. It doesn’t matter what’s offered.

“The punters would burn the stadium down if Celtic sold Odsonne Edouard and showed that much lack of ambition.

“After 10, things may change, and I think we all understand that, we know Celtic are a selling club but you can’t be a selling club with 10 In A Row on the line.”

Odds are that Edouard stays with the club through the season. There would be an uproar if the Frenchman was sold and then the club failed to reach immortality. The board can’t risk that scenario.

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  1. Celtic have always been like a supermarket, selling good players at cut prices , leave Edouard where he is, and stop selling on the cheap, Celtic STORE HAS THE RIGHT NAME

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