UEFA’s past decision is brilliant news for Celtic title hopes


With all leagues suspended because of the coronavirus outbreak, a decision UEFA took in 1999 is good news for Celtic title hopes.

The coronavirus outbreak all over the world has resulted in football being suspended. And while there are much more important issues to be discussed right now, many Celtic fans would be worried about the fate of the Premiership title.

Celtic are chasing a record-equaling ninth straight league title this season. Currently they sit 13 points ahead of second-placed Rangers with just 8 games left to be played. Thus, they are rightfully very interested in knowing what is going to happen if it takes months to resolve the issue.

Nothing like this has happened in recent memory. But Celtic fans should look back at the 1999 Yugoslavian league for some relief.

In 1999, the league in Yugoslavia was stopped due to war. At that point, 24 games had been played with 10 remaining. And Partizan Belgrade had a mere two-point lead at the top of the table.Yet UEFA awarded the title to the club later in the year.

This is a huge dent to those Rangers fans desperate to declare the season ‘null and void’. It looks like the title is headed to Parkhead one way or the other.

Of course, all of us would like for all 38 games to be played. The title is not the only issue for contention but relegation as well. But declaring the season ‘null and void’ is not a choice at this point of time. Especially after more than 80% of it has been played out.



  1. If the league is declared null and Vaud can I then reclaim my season ticket money and all my expenses for the season as the games in theory have not been played

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