Chris Sutton reacts to Rangers’ classless coronavirus statement

Celtic Park
Glasgow, Scotland - July 27, 2014: The Main Stand at Celtic Park home of Glasgow Celtic Football Club in Scotland. The football stadium is the largest in Scotland.

Chris Sutton has reacted to the statement that Rangers released earlier today after the season was suspended indefinitely following the global coronavirus outbreak.

Is anyone surprised that the Rangers are pushing their ‘null and void’ agenda? Earlier today, the Glasgow club released a statement with the season indefinitely suspended at the moment.

Yet they somehow managed to expose themselves in a statement meant to inform the fans regarding the coronavirus situation. Of course, the first part states how the people’s health is more important than football.

But then they go off the rails completely. First, they claim that the clubs must play all 38 games for the season to considered complete. And they ask for all the games to be played in front of fans as well.

We don’t need to tell what they are trying to do here. Obviously it is impossible at this point of time to play football in front of fans. As much as we would like that as well.

Obviously, Chris Sutton did not let this opportunity go to take a dig at the Rangers. He posted this hilarious tweet:

The former Celtic man is absolutely hilarious on Twitter. And in tough times like these, it is entertainment like this that keep us going. Long live Big Chris!

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