SPFL manager exposes ‘ridiculous’ Rangers’ agenda

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With calls for the season to become ‘null and void’ one SPFL manager exposes Rangers’ agenda and why that won’t work for the league or Celtic.

With the novel coronavirus wreaking havoc on the sports world across the globe, Celtic fans’ attention has astutely been on what will happen with the current season. The Scottish Premiership League is currently suspended, but new guidance from UEFA could soon provide some clarity.

UEFA wants all domestic leagues to try and finish out matches by June 30. Whether or not that is actually possible remains to be seen. Some clubs (really just Rangers) are calling for the season to become ‘null and void’. This would essentially cancel the season and its results up to this point. Of course for Rangers that would be ideal. It would allow them to try and add more players this summer while not having to answer for their embarrassing results this season.

Now, Mark Wilson, who is a former Celtic player and current Brechin City boss is starting to expose why Rangers’ idea of ‘null and void’ is such a silly idea. Even with his club on the brink in League Two, Mark Wilson still has the sensibility to see the bigger picture.

Speaking with The Sun, here is what Wilson had to say regarding the future of the SPFL season:

2) At least one top-flight club is calling for the season to be declared null and void. That option would have severe legal and financial ramifications though. Season-ticket money, sponsorship cash and multi-million pound TV deals would all come under threat. Considering all this, do you believe this should be an option?

I think that’s the least likely option for all the reasons you said. We’re not ten games into a season where you can say, ‘let’s scrap this’. We’ve played a considerable part, we’ve got a small period of the season left and to null and void it, I think would be a ridiculous call. Any league needs the money that TV promises each year. They need the money of fans and season ticket holders. If you were to go down that road and start refunding and be dragged through legal action, I think that’s the option that causes the most problems. I understand where this is coming from.

This will be the pettiness of a title challenge at the top… ‘oh it’s not done until it’s done’. I think there’s a much bigger picture to this than one league title or eight games to go. I think people need to realise that decision to null and void could have serious implications for Scottish football going forward. I think there’s a lot more simpler solutions to null and void the league.

Mark Wilson says it perfectly. There is only really one club who wants to push the nonsensical ‘null and void’ idea, and one can only deduct that it is Rangers. Who else has anything to benefit, especially financially, from such a ludicrous proposition.


  1. Rangers will do anything to stop 10in a row even offered Gerard a 10bob pay increase as player manager now that s really pushing the boat out he,s there saviour now player manager fuck is is there nothing this guy can’t do O,wait he can’t win trophies hail hail

  2. They can’t afford it. Am sure tickets would have something to say. Haven’t they already paid for season tickets sales for the next few years

  3. TANGERS ArE SINKING And EVEN THEY,re new investors have jumped ship as they would of bean up 2 there neck in it HAIL HAIL RANGERS FAIL FOR THE NULL VOID ARE THEY GOING TO STOP LIVERPOOL 1st IN 30 YRS LIVERPOOL WILL ROIT

  4. Good wee site this. Doesn’t seem to have many eejits around. Wilson’s right on the money. Why would you promote something that will ultimately cost you a fortune in the long run. Beggars belief

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