Robbie Fowler’s perfect solution to ‘null and void’ mess

Celtic Park
Glasgow, Scotland - July 27, 2014: The Main Stand at Celtic Park home of Glasgow Celtic Football Club in Scotland. The football stadium is the largest in Scotland.

After weeks without football, many fans are becoming stir crazy as to what will happen. There have been talks of ‘null and void’ but Robbie Fowler helps put that to rest.

What time to be alive, huh? Football has come to a screeching halt, as has our entire world. So, what will happen to the remainder of the football season? Well, if you ask just about any football fan they will say they want matches played out behind closed doors, or for those at the top of the table to be awarded championships. Unless you’re a Rangers fan, in which you want the season to become ‘null and void’. But Robbie Fowler has put that to bed.

Fowler, the former Liverpool star has been a voice of reason in these times. While his comments are centered around the English Premier League, they can be applicable to the Scottish Premiership League. While concluding the season early and calling those on top the champions, or declaring it ‘null and void’ seems easy, it is not the correct course of action.

Fowler voiced his opinions when speaking with Sky Sports about how the season should find its conclusion:

“I think the season has to play out, regardless of how long we have to wait.

“I think we have got to bring the games back into it and just wait until the season can get going again. In all fairness I think the Premier League should wait as long as it takes and then play all the games.

“If any season is going to be interrupted it should be next season because then everyone starts on a level playing field and everyone understands what the implications are then.”

Despite being a Liverpool man, he has the sense and logic to understand that games must be played out. Or the rightful teams need to be named champions. None of this ‘null and void’ mess that Rangers and their cohorts are flaunting and peddling. Of course they want this season, and every subsequent season to never count. It’s tiring, and it’s old. Play the matches or name Celtic the champions.


  1. If necessary after a long extended season, cut next season to one home and one away. Same for everyone.

  2. Very sensible view from wee robbie there.
    I can hear our friends at sevco opposing it but all they want is null and void.
    No alternative suggestions from them.
    Null and void. Suits their tiny minds.

  3. If this proposal was passed, might wake sevco up, when they realise the can’t keep the lights on till December and will push games 2 b played, when they realise the null and void ain’t a option and behind close doors is their only solution

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