Rangers have been left to die by £20 million investor

Celtic Lennon
Celtic Neil Lennon

Rangers fans have been fed a lot of lies over the years. The story of the £20 million investor appears to be another of them.

Football leagues all around Europe have been forced into suspension due to the global outbreak of the coronavirus. That has left a lot of Scottish clubs staring at a bleak future.

It is no secret that clubs in Scotland do not have the financial security of those down south. And an extended break might put a lot of their futures into doubt. Thus, the cry of Rangers fans for the season to be declared ‘null and void’ has been very confusing.

Cancelling a season will raise a number of issues. The biggest of them probably is the money that clubs will have to return to broadcasters and season ticket holders. Rangers fans though appear their club is immune to these problems.

A reason for that might be the £20 million investment that the fans were promised by the club. But weeks having passed, nothing has come to fruition yet.

According to the Daily Mail, the investment has been put off due to the impact of the Coronavirus. And that puts the club’s ability to stay afloat in these tough times into question.

If anything they needed the investment the most at this time. But it looks like that they have been deserted once again.

And with their saviour seemingly gone, could the club be forced into extinction once again? After what happened back in 2012! Surely not. Right?


  1. The 20 millkon investment…if it existed….wouldnt pay the debts they owe between now and july…that being player registration fees….an instalment overdue to close bros and transfer instalments…leaving a further 3.75 million a month to be found just for the dsy to day running of the club.
    Theyve still got ashley…hummel/elite…the memorial wall coury case..legal fees on top of even these
    Then bank repayments…individual small investor loans to repay…..
    Playing for time all 3 years…its catching up on them
    Now they will push for no punishment in event of administrstion…and blame the world pandemic.
    Fair play rules needed
    Or they will do the same next season…if they are around…hh

    • Curly im hoping to get a good price on them going into administration in a certain month when i have rough idea when the league will start up the rags n UEFA say around Septembter for now ..funny thats when the price of oil goes up in Scotland and all the big buyers come to Aberdeen to discuss shares and lots of stuff i dont actually even know about but got told 4 years ago as i worked in Aberdeen then ..Certain traffic delays on roads between the 3rd and for so many days this is serious money and business something Peter Lawell Drsmond etc could rxplain better ..” Dave King or Dougie Park wouldn’t have a clue about whatcim writing here either apologies it was a while ago and we where too busy being angry with the prices of stuff from shops and every shopkeeper excuse yeah the price of oil always going up … But we knew its cause it was eburdeen eh ful a tourists bit like the English premiership players in some ways ( tourists n big prices) …sorry back to the inevitable that you and i have both known for some time now The International RFC Will be going bust that people just are thinking its because of Coronivurus + league delay ( which they will youse as part of their only an excuse) …along with their Conspiracy theories of the SFA and UEFA Also some who will be beyond help now due to paranoid dillusions and addiction known as the diludimol drug ,, including Steven ( Slippy) Gerard that believe it will have all been Broonys fault..I’ll have an educated guess At February 2021 that their cry was we surrrendered ( again) and died again (but thats being genorous ,if the league starts bk by September as i believe some agents wont be happy at 4all either , and business as usual for them who are hard cash driven not having their employers players best interests at heart ..Here we go 9 in a row Mo Chara ⭐💛💚🎊🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉🎉

  2. No investor would consider putting any money into them. The smart and cheaper move would to wait for liquidation and buy up assets cheap. Start again, its worked before…

  3. Do the same thing you’d do to a rabid dog….put them down!!! But, if that happens then I bet MAGICALLY they come back, it would be a case of ‘same club, same club’. I mean, this club’s came back more times than Jesus!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Not many people have a spare £20M to purchase a lame duck! Why spend that kind of money to rescue an eight year old club who are not only dying today but they have been dying every single day of their eight year existence.

  5. This is another false dawn one of a number of them for Sevco no self respecting multi millionaire is going to pump cash into a dying club soon be jelly and ice cream next

  6. Null and Void would suit them as there would be no points deduction and no sanctions if they went into admin just now , no need to pay back any money owed and start new season as if nothing happened

  7. U can bet at the moment deadcos solicitors are sitting down with the SFA and spfl to mss as me sure when they hand us the title they find a way to appease the hun hordes by allow in them continue as the same club again with absolutely no sanctions this is the plan but the close brothers will strip the kip and will end up in court with Ashley over who own what uefa are useless

  8. This is why celtic are getting the title its so sevco dont get punished for going into admin hearts aswell will stay up and make a bigger league maybe 14 teams so thats the reason the spfl..sfa are dirty corrupt scum who are only interested in sevco this is a joke yet again scottish football would be better dying honest because only 1 club in scotland can never be punished for its cheating our its crimes the oldco left debts of 175 million nothing done about it newco get handed 54 titles and thats without kicking a ball shower of sad losers at hampden just pull the plug on it our clean hampden out and remove they masons freemason out of it..im finished with scottish football why pay into a corrupt game to suit that mob at liebrox cheating bastards the lot of them..sfa spfl sevco..RATS

  9. I read somewhere that FSG, the Liverpool owners, want to buy a stake. Probably hedging their bets depending on whether it goes tits up again and what happens to golden balls Gerrard.

  10. It would be disgraceful if new RIFC receives government handout CONSIDERING THEY “REMEMBER THEY INSIST THEY ARE SAME OLD CLUB “CHEATED TAXPAYERS OF £50M. They have spent money for last 8 years that they did not have. Just like old dead RFC.

  11. You can never find a policeman when you need one why is there no criminal investigation into where thier money is coming from the government need to get thier finger out

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