Rangers fans willing to go bust again just to stop Celtic

Celtic Lennon
Celtic Neil Lennon

With football suspended indefinitely, a number of Scottish clubs are looking towards a grim future. Yet the Rangers fans seem to be praying for the season not to be restarted just to stop Celtic from winning 9-in-a-row.

The current suspension of football could have grave consequences for a number of clubs around Scotland. Many of them do not have the financial means to survive a long break from football. And declaring the season ‘null and void’ will only put further financial stress on them. Celtic will survive, but many other clubs won’t.

One of those clubs are Rangers. The Glasgow club has faced extinction in the past, with their dissolution in 2012. And they’ll surely go bust again considering their current financial situation if the season is not completed.

Yet the Rangers fans seem to be pushing the ‘null and void’ agenda.Why? Just to stop Celtic from winning a record-equaling ninth straight league title. And if need be, they are wiling to go bust once again for the cause.

This Twitter thread in instance is a class in bad comedy. Be sure to check it out in its full glory:


Of course, the club have released a statement regarding how they want all the games to be played this season. But there unwillingness to play it behind closed doors gives away their hand. They are just looking for an excuse to get away from this disaster of a season.

It is not unreasonable to say that fans should not be allowed into stadiums before we are absolutely sure that the coronavirus has died away. That could take up to the next season, even further.

Unfortunately for the Rangers, they appear to be the only club other than Hearts pushing this ‘null and void’ agenda. Everybody else seems to realize that they cannot bear the financial strain of cancelling the season. But by this point, we all know that no matter how many times they die, they will still claim it is the same club.

Rangers 3.0 coming to your nearest stadiums soon, hopefully with fourth division football.

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  1. This fallacy re stopping 9iar is just that. Plain wrong. IF the season is voided then there is NO title to be won by anyone. That being the case, Celtic will have the chance to do the 9 in the following season. And that will be the 9th available title in succession.

    • The argument is not that it would “void” 9iar. Instead, it would not award Celtic 9iar this year despite clearly having won the league after 30 matches played. Rangers would love that because they could revamp and try again next year without any consequences. The only club that “voiding” a season hurts is Celtic. Rangers and their fans know this.

  2. Null and void. Hand back your season book money. Hand back your club sponsorship money. Get no SPL reward for a finishing league position. Do not pass go. Do not collect any money. Go tits up

  3. Finish the season no matter how long.
    Rolling/extended contracts.
    No relegation.
    Promote two teams to SPL.
    Reduce following season to one Home and one Away game.

    • Maybe not a bad idea. Then have the top six playing each other home and away again they’ll have played a total of 36 games. Only 2 less than current setup.

  4. Canny believe some of them saying null and void would mean us going back to one ha ha. If null and void was the outcome, we would still be going for nine in a row. If you win the title in this wee country of ours, you are the reigning champions until another team wins it. The same as every other league in the world. Champions till somebody else wins it. So 9 in a row is still on and 10 is next in the numerical sequence. If they don’t understand that then they really are dumb imho

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