Celtic legend destroys Rangers star after latest debacle

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Celtic legend Sir Kenny Dalglish is never one to shy away from calling it like it is. Now, he has set his sights on one Rangers’ star.

Rangers’ star and striker Alfredo Morelos is always up to something. Whether it’s making a ‘throat-slitting gesture’, making headlines due to his personal life, or just having the inability to score against Celtic, it’s always something.

Now, the Colombian striker is back at it again. Alfredo Morelos was sent off during the first-leg of the Europa League’s Round of 32 against Braga. Obviously this meant he was ineligible to play for Rangers on the second-leg.

Alfredo Morelos promptly asked to be allowed to fly all the way to Colombia to visit his mother who is reportedly ill. If you’re Steven Gerrard, how do you say no? That should have been the end of it with any other player, but this is Alfredo Morelos we are dealing with.

Instead, he returned to Scotland late, prompting Steven Gerrard to hold him back from the match against Hearts. It really is fantastic at how unprofessional Morelos is. Furthermore, it puts a bad look on his club, and his manager.

Sir Kenny Dalglish goes to town on Morelos in his Sunday Post column:

“The Colombian striker asked his manager for a few days off on compassionate leave, and that was granted to allow him to go back home to visit his mother.

“Every manager has been there with that kind of request. Steven had to allow the player to return home. If he hadn’t, who knows what kind of reaction there would been. But for the player to have then returned late back to Glasgow was very poor.

“In fact, it was scandalous. It’s not the first time this has happened to a manager, and it won’t be the last, either. It’s part of the job and it happens at all levels. Players will let you down, unfortunately.”

But, that is the exact thing. Players, especially Morelos will always let you down. Whether it be on the pitch or in their personal life. How can Morelos ever expect to get paid, much less be a leader with actions these type of actions. The lad still has some growing up to do.

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