‘Financial desperation’ – Celtic legend blasts ridiculous Rangers agenda

Celtic Lennon
Celtic Neil Lennon

Rangers are finally getting called out for the ridiculous ‘null and void’ agenda that they have been pushing over the last few weeks in order to stop Celtic’s 9IAR.

It is quickly becoming clear that the football season might not resume anytime soon. The coronavirus outbreak has only gotten worse over the past week. And it is very possible that it will take months for society to return to normal.

In these testing times, there are things that are much more important than football. But it is also true that this break in the midst of the season has left many clubs staring into a bleak future. And they will be hoping that the season can be resumed as soon as possible.

30 games have been already played this season. And it will be in the best interest of all clubs if the season is completed from here on. Yet one club seems to be screaming for the season to be declared null and void. Davie Provan had a few choice words for those with that agenda.

The Celtic legend wrote in his column in The Scottish Sun:

“I’m guessing privately Lawwell would have happily accepted the title now allowing him to get on with flogging season books for the ten-in-a-row extravaganza. But if he found himself boxed in over the issue, he was right in saying this season can’t be declared null and void. That would leave broadcasters and season-ticket holders demanding money back.

“Under no circumstances should seven months of league results be wiped out. On the face of it at least, we now have the Old Firm clubs on the same page after Rangers managing director Stewart Robertson made Gers’ case clear.

“Asked about the possibility of the Premiership being decided on current standings, Robertson, with crass insensitivity, said: “We will work to ensure no one runs roughshod over people’s lives.” People’s lives? Has he noticed what’s happening in the real world?

“Either way, both Robertson and Lawwell are right to insist the season is completed. Those demanding an immediate end to the Premiership and distribution of prize money do it out of financial desperation.”

Everyone would definitely like to see the season completed in the proper way. That might take a long time though with the coronavirus numbers escalating every day. In this situation, we can only hope for the best. But declaring the season ‘null and void’ is one option that makes absolutely no sense.

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  1. That “ Celtic legend” was a schoolboy signing at rangers. I know this because I knew him as a young lad playing for a team in Gourock. This may explain some of his comments regarding Celtic.

  2. Not sure how they are going to sort this but null and void would shatter any remains of sporting integrity. Clearly the rangers are desperately trying to avoid 9/10 in a row. They know it’s coming. We know it’s coming Yeeeehaa.

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