Barry Ferguson makes ridiculous claim just to stop Celtic 9IAR


It looks like some Rangers stars will leave no stone unturned just to stop Celtic from winning 9-in-a-row. Even if that includes betraying their current employers.

Now by this point it pretty clear what Rangers fans are trying to do. Currently out the Scottish Cup and sitting 13 points behind Celtic in the Premiership table, they know very well that chances are minute that they even have a chance of taking this title race down to the wire.

As a result, Rangers fans are looking for ways to somehow get this season declared ‘null and void’. And in their minds, they believe that they have come up with a master plan.

They believe that if this season is declared ‘null and void’, that will prevent Celtic from winning nine-in-a-row. And then they will claim that the Hoops have to start from number one again. Yet chances are that such a step could put the Rangers out of business once again!

We will give you a moment to let that stupidity settle in.

It looks like this is not just exclusive to their fans. Even former Rangers are coming out now and making ridiculous claims just in hope of preventing 9IAR. And the latest in that long list is Barry Ferguson.

The former Rangers man wrote in his column in the Daily Record:

“I still believe strongly that the season cannot be declared null and void but I also feel that titles have to be won fair and square on the pitch. I realise Celtic fans will be up in arms at the suggestion and they’ll say I’m just looking at this through blue-tinted specs.

“As a matter of fact, they’d be wrong. I’m sitting top of the Lowland League with Kelty Hearts right now and I don’t want to be awarded with a title that we didn’t win.”

Let’s just start it by saying that that makes absolutely no sense. He doesn’t want the season to be declared null and void but he doesn’t want titles to be given out either! What?

How ridiculous is it that Ferguson would compare the Lowland Football League with the Premiership? In case you didn’t know (and we don”t blame you), it is the fifth division of Scottish football. And the former Rangers man believed that the two were comparable entities!

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*Apologies to our readers for referring to Barry Ferguson as Duncan Ferguson in our initial draft of this article. 


  1. He really didn’t engage his brain before he comes out with so much drivel, not the 1st time either by the cross eyed Bear

  2. Aye Barry bhoy, that’s cause you’re no sittin 13 points clear ya fud!!! Come back was a better argument 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😊

  3. This null and void piss , the minite you say ok but no prise or euro money they shut up or say you cant do that its not fare then you say how do we get Eoro spots answer as it stands eh! You cant make this up

  4. So that means he accepts that the titles they won while handing out EPTs are tainted then, will he hand back his medals, the clown

  5. Errr what about the titles you won during the EBT years Barry not exactly won fair and square were they

  6. I may be tempting fate here but I just don’t see null and void happening. Those allegedly running the game have to find a solution to the problem and good luck to them with that. Thankfully wee Barry and his like are not qualified to decide these things HH

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